Come With Questions!

I know that adoption can be so complicated for all sides. It can be beautiful and messy at the same time. It’s full of hope and excitement, but also comes with a lot of fears and unknowns. Being able to talk with someone who has walked through an open adoption can be very helpful to put some of your worries to ease.

I hope our conversation inspires you to honor and love on birth parents, and helps prepare your for your adoption relationships ahead.

Get ready for our call by bringing questions to ask me! Here are common questions I receive during calls to get you started:

  • What does open adoption look like?
  • Do you have tips for our adoption profile book?
  • What kind of pictures should we use?
  • What does positive adoption language mean?
  • How do we move past the fears we have with open adoption?
  • What are the benefits of open adoption?
  • When should we tell our child about adoption or their birth parents?
  • Is it confusing for your birth child?
  • How do you feel about ____ (gifts, mother’s day, holidays, visits, etc.)
  • How would you handle this situation with a birth mom’s feelings in mind?
  • How often should we visit?
  • What are visits like? Where do you go?
  • What about other birth family siblings– should they know?
  • What if our older adopted child doesn’t have the same open relationship?
  • What might the hospital experience look like?
  • What is an adoption placement ceremony?
  • What is an open adoption “commitment” contract?

I love answering your questions and I can’t wait to chat with you soon!

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