Adoption Profile Reviews & Editing

Are you wanting to make sure your profile is tip-top shape to land on to a prospective birth mother’s lap? Make an appointment to schedule a profile review and I’ll go over what looks great and what could use some tweaking. I’ll cover the basics, such as spelling and grammar, along with positive adoption language, and ensuring your heart is truly displayed within the words you’ve written. I’ll also study the pictures you’ve chosen and include any tips to improve if needed. This service includes:

  • A full review of your adoption profile, pictures, and social media pages.
  • Written feedback report emailed to you within a week including grammatical edits and suggestions on what to add that an expectant parent may be looking for.
  • Access to me to discuss suggestions via email or phone once the report is received.

Consultation Calls

Have you really wanted to understand what a prospective birth mom is thinking? Now is your chance! We can arrange a call for you to ask me questions that will help you along your own unique adoption journey. I especially advocate for open adoption and would love to share the heart of a birth mom with you, to help show we aren’t so scary and why we are important to your child’s lives. You will find that prospective birth moms, and birth moms, simply want the best for everyone involved. Whether you are waiting to adopt or already have your little one and a birth family in your lives, I can help navigate those special relationships.

You will receive an hour of completely confidential, non-judgmental, open and honest phone consultation with me. Come with questions! We will establish a game plan for your personalized adoption journey.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • What does open adoption look like?
  • When should we tell our child about adoption or their birth parents?
  • Is it confusing for your birth child?
  • How does a birth mom feel about ____ (gifts, mother’s day, holidays, visits, etc.)
  • How would you handle this situation with a birth mom’s feelings in mind?
  • How often should we visit?
  • What are visits like? Where do you go?
  • What about other birth family siblings– should they know?
  • What if our other adopted child doesn’t have the same open relationship?
  • What does the hospital experience look like?
  • What is an adoption placement ceremony?

Content Writing for Professionals

Are you an adoption agency, blog, or professional needing content for your website? I have been a professional freelance writer for nearly 5 years and love putting my heart and experiences in words to help others. My work has been featured on America Adopts. Adoption.NET, Babble, Her View From Home, Adopt Well, Arrow + Root, Your Care Everywhere, and Big City Moms to name a few.

I specialize in writing about experiences as a birth mother, open adoption, parenting after adoption placement, ethics, and education. I typically can complete a 600 to 1,000 word article within 1-2 days, which includes several rounds of edits. Let’s see what customize piece we can put together for your readers!